Feedback for the Cigar Emporium

Call us at 781-933-0231 or email us.

Owner Tim Sullivan cares about his customers, and would appreciate your feedback.

Also let us know if you would use online credit card ordering if we make it available in the future.

We will not give your email address to any third parties.

This page uses a non-invasive script for the email button — simply opening an email preaddressed with our email address and subject for your convenience. This script helps protect our email address from automatic harvesting by spambots.
Note that the email program opened is the default email on your system.
If you do not see the email program you are accustomed to using, use the following guidelines:

To compose your own email from scratch:

  1. Open your preferred email program and compose a message.
  2. For the title, use or include the word Feedback
  3. For the address, use the following, substituting the appropriate symbols:
    feedback at cigar-emporium dotcom

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