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A variety of pipe brands and models can be found or ordered at the Cigar Emporium. We stock both individual pipes and sets.

Top-selling pipes include:


Peterson craftsmanship has been highly regarded for over 100 years, including two notable innovations in pipe-making. The famous Peterson Dry System enables a cooler, drier smoke by using a specially built resevoir to collect excess mositure and juices. The Peterson Lip piece is designed to adapt to variations in the lips and teeth of the smoker. A wide variety of Peterson pipe styles are available — with differing bowls, finishes, and stems.


Kaywoodie pipes are made of imported quality briar from selected areas, mostly in Italy and North Africa. The Kaywoodie Drinkless attachment replaces the standard filter to trap tars and flakes in the shank, providing a cooler smoke. More recently, the Gold Series was introduced to provide a premium option. Overall, Kaywoodie pipes are available with or without the drinkless attachment, and in many different finishes, shapes, and styles.


Brylon is a man-made substitute for briar that originated during WWII when natural briar wood was hard to get from Italy and North Africa. The name possibly comes from a contraction of the words briar and nylon. Advantages of Brylon include durability and reduced risk of burning the bowl.

Curious to find out more about tobacco types? See our Tobacco FAQs.

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