Tobaccos and Accessories


image of a pipe in foreground and tobacco leaves in backgroundThe Cigar Emporium carries a variety of pipe tobaccos and rolling tobaccos. Top-selling premium-grade tobacco brands include Peterson's, Ashton, C.A.O., and others.

Peterson Tobaccos

Peterson's fine tobaccos range from straight Virginia blends (such as the famous Peterson's Sherlock Holmes) through many enticing blends of Virginia, Burley, and Black Cavindish, to blends that also include exotic essences such as Amaretto or cream caramel.

Ashton Tobaccos

Ashton fine tobaccos encompass a range of possible blends — Virginia, Carolina, Louisiana Perique, Black Cavindish, and other leaves from Greece and the Orient. A distinctive, classic English blend (the Celebrated Sovereign) includes Syrian Latakia, Turkish Dubec, and Black Cavindish, as well as Virginia and Carolina reds.

C.A.O. Tobaccos

C.A.O. also offers differing blends of fine tobaccos. If you are especially fond of Latakia, you should try their Old Ironsides blend. (Latakia is smoke-cured, usually with aromatic herbs.) Also from C.A.O. are several other special blends, such as the Independence, that commemorate Americana with outstanding Virginia tobaccos.

Curious to find out more about tobacco types? See our Tobacco FAQs.


We carry a selection of cigarettes and also rolling tobacco.


From the simple to the sophisticated, we carry a selection of smoking accessories for different price ranges and smoking preferences. These include various types of lighters, cigar cutters, humidors, humidifiers, tobacco pouches, pipe cleaners and other pipe tools, and pipe stands.


For customer convenience, the Cigar Emporium carries candy, gum, and mints. We also have a few magazines, including tobacco-related and some adult-only magazines.

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